Medical Patch

Medical Patch-Full body monitoring device

This product is designed for Biotech360 Inc,USA. This device is designed for health monitoring of patients who is bedridden. Initial idea of product is to make device which can be used individually, which will have easiness in using for any nontechnical background users. So this device has a patch which stick to body near to heart. It is wireless device which will receive heart and lung data like pulse rate, blood pressure, oxygen level, functioning through diaphragm and various sensors which will have contact to body.

This device will transfer data directly to mobile device. Product is developed in two stages first on is Engineering version which is designed for concept proofing, Final version will have slick design with set of different patches which user can change every other day, so user just need to change a patch and stick it to the body near to heart with no wired connections. This product is completely designed in Isoliments from concept designing to final prototype.

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